Family Law

Matrimonial causes, which includes divorce, legal separation and annulment of marriage; Divorce settlement, alimony..

Debts and Bankruptcy

Struggling with financial difficulties can be one of life’s most stressful challenges. We would..

Personal Injury

Employees’ Compensation Claims, Traffic Accidents Claims, Professional Negligence and Accidents Claims etc..

Civil Litigation

Our staff’s expertise covers various kinds of commercial disputes and court actions ranging from banking, financial…

Criminal Defence

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, the next step you take is vitally..

Company and Commercial

Commercial and Corporate Legal Services, Hong Kong..

Immigration Law

Immigration Consultation, Temporary Visas. Permanent Residency, etc..

Intellectual Property

Trademark, Patent, Registered Design and Copyright-related issues..

PRC-related Matter

We assist clients from People Republic of China and across the globe…

Will and Probate

Estate planning, Trust Administration, Administration of Estate, Gifts and Will…


Property Transfer and Assignment, Mortgage and Discharge, Tenancy Agreement and Landlord..

Employment Law

Employment and Labour Law, Employment related litigation, Dispute resolution..


We help clients minimize their tax burdens by carefully planning their transactions..

Legal Aid Cases

Setting up some business is neither a short nor a simple process if licence application..